Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Big Fat GM

At the risk of enabling myself to become super lazy, I will not be posting bits and pieces of this scholarly work for days. Rather, I have uploaded it onto the internet (I don't know how this works) and if you were so inclined to download this piece of academic brilliance the link is available here. Now that I've gotten that out of the way we can get into a more serious subject: Jay Feaster's physical health.

I look at this picture and believe the only reason he is not eating the microphone is because it is neither 1. covered in cheese or 2. bacon-wrapped. What in god's name is going on with this man. Its pictures like this that make you think right away of the other big men involved with the sport of hockey. The other easiest example is obviously Big Bad Bruce, coach of the Washington Capitals, who won their first Stanley Cup last night.

If you've been watching HBO's 24/7 coverage of the Penguins and Capitals over the last month you undoubtedly saw when Boudreau takes his family to buy a "gift" for his wife at the mall he notices a Haagen-Dazs shop. The exchange goes something like this:

Boudreau: Ice cream, yipee! Its never too early for ice cream.
Boudreau's kid: Dad its not even ten o'clock.

Gets you thinking though, Boudreau was once a player. He wasn't always such a hazard to himself.

Jay Feaster though, has never played hockey in his life. He admitted that in a Calgary Herald article the other day.

Ideally I'd like to start a Twitter meme but I have like 50 followers and most of them I see every day anyways. If I had one wish though, it would be to start #feasterisfat as a trend. So help me out. Get creative. I've only got a couple so far:

Also hopefully I'll start writing more about the Flames soon, I figure this is a good start in the right direction.

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