Friday, November 12, 2010

Flames PR falls flat

Are the Flames talking about a game against kids in wheelchairs or about the season as a whole?

Most striking things about this video:

Who wears #32 on Calgary?
Ryan Stone.
If Ryan Stone tried to play ball hockey with me, I'd probably tell him to fuck off.


Why are some of the players wearing jerseys with 30th year anniversary patches?


Where is the 2009 banner, and why is the 2010 banner shown before the game has been started in the video? This is a simple matter of continuity editing.


Jokinen unable to clear the puck for a goal against the Flames, not an unusual sight.

"We either need some goals from him or we need him to go back and stop some goals, but he's just kind of floating out there"- Brendan Morrison on Iginla's struggles this season from the game.

Who cares that Brett Sutter got arrested, this should in no way affect the on-ice product. Maybe it will force Darryl's hand into retirement so he can focus on his family etc, paving the way for a new GM and possibly a first-round draft pick.

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