Monday, November 1, 2010

Catching up

Footage from Flames practice 10/31/2010

You only need to watch the first two minutes, its worth it.

What is going on with Glencross' pumpkin.

The kid about 1:00 in gets talked to by the Flames TV girl:

Flames TV girl: Cameron are you a big Flames fan?
Cameron: ...Not really.

Can't blame him.

Flames TV girl: Who is your favorite player?
Cameron: Ovech... I mean not Ovechkin. Uhh... Iginla.

What a bandwagon fan.

Two minutes in Ian White gets some camera time and that's when you know it's time to stop watching.

I went to the slaughterhouse  game on Saturday night and was there firsthand to witness what will hopefully be Cory Sarich's final game as a Flame. Also I think someone important from the Dome is (finally) reading some of this stuff, because after Ovechkin's second goal they played a song I had recommended in an earlier post.

Line of the night goes to my dad. During the 2nd intermission (score 7-2 for WSH) there was an advertisement on the Jumbotron that said something to the effect of, if you have tickets you aren't using, the Flames would like you to donate them to some group that gives the tickets to underprivileged youth. Upon this announcement my dad turns to me and says, "Shit, they're already underprivileged, haven't they suffered enough?".

There is a new bet between myself and The Real Dan Moser. For those of you who have been following (, myself and Dan made a bet as to who would score first: Taylor Hall, or Olli Jokinen. We put a $5 scratch-and-win on the line. both men scored their first goals of the season on the same night. Obviously the next step was to up the ante. Whichever player gets more goals over the course of the regular season, the loser of the bet has to buy the other person that player's jersey. To put things in a less convoluted way, once Jokinen outscores Hall, I'll be the proud owner of a #13 Flames jersey, courtesy of Dan Moser. Start the count!

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