Saturday, November 20, 2010

Turco Sucks

It became pretty clear to me pretty quickly last night that Marty Turco is not a good goalie. I can say that most of the goals he let in were soft (save a sick Iggy tip) and that if he had any clue how to fall to the ice in a butterfly stance, almost all of those shots could have been soft. On that note, I'm happy to credit the Flames for truly playing until the final buzzer. They kept putting shots on Turco, and when you do that with a lazy goalie, you can score seven goals a game.

I'm still not sold on Nik Hagman. Yes he scored a (weak) goal last night and was originally credited with Iggy's second, but the last few games the guy has quite frankly looked like a steaming pile of dogshit. As for the new guys, Kosto and BABchuk, the only reason I noticed them was because they were on the ice and I wasn't used to seeing 16 and 33 without Friesen and Aucoin on the backs of the jerseys (who, by the way, would make some nice veteran signings Darryl). Of note: the Flames are now 1-0-0 without Olli Jokinen in the lineup. Just sayin'.

Best text from last night goes to Donsky (he in red, myself in green):

Holy [expletive] Turco is lazy

Haha I'm at the other end of the rink I can't see him much

Saw Gio layout Hossa just fine

I find myself feeling split right now. Although I never want to wish bad tidings on the Flames, I think I wanted them to lose the game last night just to see what the reaction would be in terms of the front office management. But I suppose we're just another January away from drowning in the obscurity of the bottom of the NHL... and this becomes relevant again:

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