Friday, October 15, 2010

1-81 w/3GF

Last year, the Calgary Flames lost every PPV game they played. This year, PPV was removed in favor of Sportsnet ONE. My analysis of the utility of Sportsnet ONE can be found here. I would love, love to see the Flames not win a game on this new channel (there's 19 of em).

Boy howdy, was that one hell of a stinker for Steve Staios. On the ice for all three goals against in under 12.5 minutes of ice time. That is called making the most of what you're given. But it's impossible to put the blame on him alone, because he's not the guy who is supposed to go and score some goals. The three stooges up front are certainly taking their time to hit the scoresheet. They did garner seven out of the 27 total shots on net the Flames had, but you don't get marks for effort. People want to see results.

How early is too early to fully replace Sutter? Will it take three shutouts against in four games? The problem with letting Darryl go now is that it wouldn't even signal a turn for the future, it would act more as a punishment for actions taken in the past. At least Calgary still has a first-round pick, that is until they ship it out of town for some veteran talent like Doug Weight or something.

It's my birthday tomorrow. I'm going to the game in Calgary. My tix aren't as good as TheRealDanMoser's, but quite frankly if the Flames aren't going to score I don't really care where I'm sitting. Anywhere that is close in proximity to the beer sales I suppose.

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