Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Old and the New

Flames. Oilers.

Two teams moving in two very different directions.
I haven't read an article in the Edmonton Sun over the past three weeks that hasn't been about three kids under the age of 20.
Also, those SUNshine girls are pretty horrendous sometimes. Which surprises me, because I thought every 18-year old girl in the world was beautiful and wanted to get naked with me. According to Google Images, anyways.
Also haven't read anything about the Flames other than how Tangs and OJ have one last shot at redemption. Could be a looooong season.
Imagine (for some reason) you were a Dexter fan. Now, imagine that at after the season finale, all you could think about was next season. More murderous shit to solve etc (obviously I do not watch this show). Now, imagine this: you go to watch the season premiere, and mid-way through you realize its a repeat. You've already seen this episode before. In fact, the whole season ends up being repeats. You've already seen this season before.
That is what its like to be a Flames fan right now.

Brendan Morrison will wear number 8 tonight. His old buddy Todd Bertuzzi wore number 7 during his stint with the Flames. Guess all there is to do now is un-retire Marcus Naslund and give him number 9.

Hudsons on Campus is giving away free wings for the game tonight. If the Flames end up losing this one, it's gonna be hard to stay sober.


  1. Pacific Standard Time Free Hockey?
    please to be explaining name please.



  3. its always hard for dick to stay sober