Monday, October 18, 2010

...and TJ Brodie is a sloppy drunk

"Yeah he's a rap I don't like him"- Brent Sutter
Draw your own conclusions from that.

Props to the Flames media personnel. Between this and the Hagman/Meyers video, these videos have been pretty entertaining. Beats the hell out of watching some generic interview. 

Current ongoing conversation between myself and Mr. Joel Panas:

Joel: you must be hearing nothing but noise about the oilers hey?
Me: dude
theyre so young and exciting
they play with such youthful enthusiasm

just like when everyone was talking about the kid line when gagner cogliano and maybe nilsson played a few good shifts together

hahahaha im loling
theyre such old news eh hahaha

yeah you get 2 seasons to break out in this town then youre done. they'll ron schremp ya

We went a whole five minutes without him mentioning hockey in the 1980's. Looks like Oiler fans really are starting to turn the page.


  1. Coach Sutter: He's got a side to him that he's hiding in the closet.

    nuff said

  2. It is my belief that Darryl and Brent have an incestual relationship as no woman would actually have either of them.