Friday, October 8, 2010


Now that's what I call a great way to start the season!

In all seriousness, what could anyone have expected to come from this? After going 7-0 through the pre-season it was realistically about time the Flames lost a game, it was only a matter of time, any sports gambler will tell you that. Its not losing a game that upsets me...Its the matter in which its lost that really causes some concern for me.

Kiprusoff did absolutely everything in his power to keep the first game of the regular season in reach, but once again the team in front of him managed to kick him into the sewers. Say what you will about what was a questionable goal against Ales Hemsky, but as soon as Eberle banged White's sister on that toe-drag move, this game was over.

It shows that Tangs and OJ have been practicing together, because he hit the post. 

TJ Brodie has got to be the first player since Lemieux to wear 66.

Ratis Ivanans was clearly the hardest working Flame last night. In the middle of his fight, he fell asleep! He was still super sleepy when his teammates and the refs had to help him off the ice. He should start taking naps before games so that doesn't happen again LOL!

Mercifully, the Flames don't take the ice again until Sunday night. If their next game had been closer, I would have considered a hunger strike until they scored a goal.

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  1. Word on the street is that Iginla is an afro-american. Can anyone confirm/deny this?