Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Texts from last night

Miikka its your birthday

Happy birthday Miikka Kiprusoff. For your 34th birthday may the Flames blow a three-goal lead to the worst team in the NHL in your honor.

For those who don't know, the Calgary Flames led the young and exciting (make sure you have safesearch on if you Google image that) Edmonton Oilers last night 4-1 at one point during the second period. Jordan Eberle pulled his trademark "score on Ian White" play to end the second, and then at some point in the third the Flames completely lost the lead, as the score became 4-4 headed into overtime. Alex Tanguay justified his entire contract by scoring the game-winner in the shootout, and the Flames escaped with the win and two points.

Here are the texts I got from last night as the game went on (blue denotes Oilers fans, red for Flames fans):

We are well on our way back to the glory days of the 80's

They are just kids out there trying to have some fun. The flames are their parents asking if they are doing the weed.

It's [the Oilers'] year

Omg taylor hall is so good! He can score goals from absolutely anywhere!!!

I'm not even interested tonight. The sens already fucked up my sports select ticket.

These oilers are so exciting to watch

Oh my god Loubardias, no one gives a shit that Whitney was a USA Olympian

I'm scouting at the game. Olli almost had one there

These upstart oilers are terrible.

(Before the game) You know I love staios. I think he's better than mickelson. still confused why we couldn't have used that money for better forwards but whateva

(From the same person, later in the game) Okay staios should not be playing.

I actually hate Cory sarich

I have missed every goal in this game.

I stopped watching after the second. WTF.

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  1. The sad thing is, I watched quite a bit of the game via internet stream. It somehow managed to crap out on me everytime a goal happened.

    Then I drove to work, missed 2 Oilers goals and 1 Flames.

    Then while at work I left for 5 minutes to park a car and its 4-4.

    Shootout....I saw.